Agricultural Land Acquisition and Management


We offer the real estate in a few different packages the most basic being a “ground lease” or “land rental”.


Land Rentals involve our designating a 5 acre section of our site for a grower to use. We install the minimum required infrastructure including a small building (executive construction trailer) complete with ADA bathroom and hot/cold water, sewage, and power hook up. Then we place a perimeter fence around the parcel and install state approved video cameras, lights, alarms and a DVR. We rent these fields out for a minimum of $5,000 per month and a typical maximum of $100,000 depending on the amount of improvements we are required to build. This is a highly profitable service.

Production Building Rentals is a much more involved process whereby we construct a 10,000 to 50,000 sq. ft. cannabis production facility. From the outside this building is a hybrid cross between a warehouse and a greenhouse. From the inside the building is a growers dream with all the environmental controls managed by a computer whose job is to keep the environment as steady as possible. Rents start at $15 per sq. ft. per year and will increase as we fill up each phase of the campus.


From the outset, our primary offering is a small, standardized, 10,000 sq ft “greenhouse” module with additional 10,000 foot modules added on as needed. Any licensed grower wanting to produce cost effectively will undoubtedly prefer using sunlight to artificial lights and artificial cooling. While not our focus there is an added benefit in marketing our approach as it is widely assumed that our more traditional method of growing (using sunlight) leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint and perhaps even produces a superior product. More importantly, growing in one of our custom marijuana grow buildings allows the producer to yield the same weight for less than half the utility cost. The savings are realized because the greenhouse has no need for high wattage “grow” lights. Further savings come from the reduced need to cool the space as cooling is mostly only required to offset the heat created by the inefficient man-made high wattage artificial lights commonly used in grow facilities.


The Pueblo site is divided in to approximate 5 acre parcels and local zoning allows us to cover up to 25% of the ground with buildings so the maximum building size on each parcel is more than 50,000 sq. ft. Whether the building is a single 10k sq. ft. module or the tenant is using all five modules the math is the same. $45 per sq. ft. to build and the tenant pays us $15 per sq. ft. leading to a 100% ROI in 36 months.

Worst case plan. Our holdings are primarily agricultural land with greenhouse buildings. Should there be a change to law or policy that would place our existing business model in jeopardy, we expect to make a graceful transition from specializing in cannabis grows, to general agriculture and lease to a much broader audience. Should that not be feasible for whatever reason, our plan involves divestiture of these assets as appropriate.

Pueblo Project

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